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  • Shih tzu Kennel with the best Genetics in the World.

    We seek to improve our dogs according to the Shih tzu breed standard. Our dogs were judged by the renowned referees and selected to breed the highest quality and health puppies.

  • Our puppies have pedigree CBKC-FCI, recognized in the AKC and CKC.

    All of our puppies have a full health guarantee, with vaccinations, deworming and vet checked.

  • Our dogs are breeder to generate healthy Shih tzu puppies.

    Our dogs are selected by genetics, beauty and health. They are powered by the bets premium food on the marked.

  • Temperament is paramount in our Shih tzu kennel.

    The Shih tzu should be a very tame and sweet dog with all the people so this selects the correct copies in genetics.

Shih Tzu Breed is in the Knapp Kennel


Shih tzu in chinese, 狮子,is a breed native to Tibet but developed in China.

Shitzu, Shihtsu, Chitos, Chitzu, Shintzu, Chih tzu is Shih tzu


Shih tzu is a company breed and originally from Tibet.

People tend to get confused between the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu, but there are a number of very different differences between them in structure and temperament. The roots of the Shih tzu breed are in Tibet, but it was developed in China, where dogs like these lived in the imperial palaces, the Shih tzu as a companion dog and the Lhasa apso as alert doga.


Our Shih tzu puppies are fed the highest quality super premium feed such as theRoyal Canin, dwormings and well cared for, we maintain in our kennel the highest genetics of the Shih tzu breed to breed healthy Shih tzu puppies with excellent structure, coat and temperament.

shih tzu knapp

The price of a Shih tzu puppy varies greatly from kennel to kennel, depending on genetics, kennel seriousness, awards, care, food and beauty.


See ours Shih tzu puppies available, clicking in this picture bellow:

shih tzu available


Price of the Shih Tzu

You can be sure that the cheap can cost a lot.

In the value of a Shih tzu is added experience in breeding, Why a Shih tzu Knapp? Because we created 30 years ago and eliminated the genetic problems, we provided a guarantee contract for genetic diseases for 2 years, for infectious diseases for 10 days, we are judges of the CBKC-FCI and authorized judges of the American Kennel Club.

In addition to that many puppies are being sold as Shih tzu and they are not.

A healthy and standard-looking puppy comes from a study and work from the ancestors like imports of specimens, parent feeding, vaccines, good quality feed, so looking for a cheap puppy is not a good idea.

Enter the google and put Shih tzu kennel and see the differences of each kennel, the dogs are very different and most of the time and only a specialized breeder or a judge of the breed can see the glaring differences in a puppy.

The whole puppy looks the same, the difference you will notice only in adulthood.

Many think that prizes or exhibitions are mere attributes to leave a more expensive puppy, a great mistake, through exhibitions where studs and mothers are judged by national and international referees, we can eliminate several serious problems and diseases in the breed.


Not sell Shih tzu no pedigreesem pedigree CBKC-FCI

The value of a Shih tzu is the same for a dog with or without a pedigree. The pedigree costs only $ 55.00, this is not what will differentiate a shih tzu with or without pedigree. All our Shih tzus are registered in the CBKC - FCI - recognized in AKC, which is the only record recognized in all the countries of the world.


Hair and beauty comes not from care but from genetics. Create Shih tzu everyone can create, but making correct crosses to breed dogs more and more like the breed standard is a purpose of the

our Knapp Kennel, specialized in the Shih tzu breed.

We do not deliver puppies before 70 days of age and do not have 2 doses of shots.