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We are Breeders of the Shih Tzu Breed and All Breed Judges CBKC-FCI and authorized in the AKC: Rosana Knapp and Marcelo Santos

By Rosana Knapp, september, 03, 2018
shih tzu knapp

I, Rosana Knapp dos Santos and my husband, Marcelo E. F. dos Santos are specialized breeders of the breed Shih tzu and owners of the Knapp Kennel formerly called Sheep Ranch Knapp affiliated to CBKC-FCI, recognized in AKC.

We are judge all breed - FCI and authorized for AKC.

I, Rosana Knapp are member of the Judges Departament CBKCl.

We have created Old English Sheepdog since 1986 and Shih tzu since 1991. First had dobermann, collies and poodle. Now our breed is Shih tzu.

We are specialized in Shih tzu breed where they have the proper treatment to develop and maintain the lush coat.


shih tzu breederWe Export our dogs to all world as United States, , Russia, Mexico, Canada, China, Chile, Portugal, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay. We have Shih tzu champions in the Brasil, United States, Russia, Canada, Chile, México and Uruguai.

We sent the puppy by airplane with food and water. The thansport is tottaly safe and we are responsible for this.



Health Guarantee:

Our dogs are checked for our vet. Our females before mating are vaccinated. We feeds our dogs with Super premium food and this freflect on the health, structure and coat.

shih tzu puppie




Import our Shih tzu from the best bloodlines in the world for genetic improvement of our dogs. We have dogs American and english lineage.

As the Shih tzu breed is fashionable, many kennels that only aim for profit and not best genetics are selling totally out of standard dogs. Sell dogs for lineage liver or chocolate. All puppy is very similar when babie, the difference will appear when he is adult. Coat, health and structure is the result of a good genetics, including the temperament, the Shih tzu must be an extremely docile dog, with the fashion and the rampant creation is appearing several aggressive exemples.



We judged dogshows in many Countries. Judged in Brasil, Uruguai, Argentina, Colômbia, Equador, Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, Estados Unidos e África do Sul. We have many champions here and and in the others Counries.

A dog show judge, sometimes dog judge, is a person that is qualified to evaluate dogs at a conformation show.

shih tzu




Judge in a Argentina Dog show.











Judge in a Brazilian dog show.